Room Reveal - Toddler Bedroom


So if you have read my previous post you would know that we were amidst planning and redecorating Orla’s new bedroom. If you want to read the post click here.  As previously mentioned I’m not into the whole pink Peppa Pig bedroom much to Orla’s disgust however I think we have come to a fair compromise with this room. 

Very bland before shots of the room…

Very bland before shots of the room…


Walls and flooring

After much searching, we decided to go for Farrow and Ball’s Inchyra Blue for the walls and Sulking Room Pink for the woodwork and built in wardrobes. For the section above the picture rail and ceiling we used Pointing. Overall I’m really happy with the colour combo and think they compliment each other well. 


After we ripped the bedroom flooring up - see my Instagram highlights under Orla’s room to see the FIVE LAYERS of flooring that we uncovered, we felt that the floor boards really were in a bit of a state and therefore decided to go for a solid laminate from Costco of all places. The laminate was pre glued with underlay so was really easy to lay, I say this like it was nothing. My dad laid the floor and he’s had a bit of practice over the years, thanks Dad! 


Reading Corner

We are really lucky that Orla has always loved books so when she asked for a reading corner in her room I was more than delighted, I also love reading! We got these wall shelves from Ikea and at £13 each I think they are an absolute steal. The bamboo rocking chair was another bargain found on Gumtree for a tenner! 


Gallery Wall

Ahhh the gallery wall! As a visual stylist one of my pet hates is a badly laid out gallery wall. Don’t get me wrong in anyone else house it’s completely fine, however for me if it’s not hung the right way then it doesn’t go up and instead lives in a box for 5 years. There’s not too much to this one, I’ve been collecting prints and cute cards for about 3 months now and have only seen them altogether now that they are up. 

Prints are are follows from left to right top row;

Oliver Bonas wrapping paper, “Colour my life in Chaos” by Corrin Strain, “Little Red” by Bethan Woollvin

Left to right bottom row;

“Go the F**K to Sleep’ Print from Mandy Maria, a beautiful cross stitch by my sister which matches Orla’s duvet perfectly (thanks sis) and then a card and wrapping paper from Oliver Bonas. 


DIY Wall Hanging

Ok confession time, I WILL NOT pay a fortune for a wall hanging for a room that will change so quickly in style. So I made this one using a £16.99 rug from H&M, two wooden sticks from wicks (£2.99 each), a meter of pom poms and some cotton twine from hobby craft … Voila. Easy peasy! She has since then asked why the rug is on the wall but I think she will come round to the idea that it doesn’t live on the floor.


DIY Monkey Lamp and Animal Door Hooks

Orla calls him Jay…. not sure where the name has come from but that’s the identity of the monkey lamp I bought from Premier Housewares. However being pure white I wanted to make him a bit more ‘fun’. One can of gold spray paint later and they are just right.  I bought these animal coat hooks from Homesense for £6.99 each however they were silver and also not right for the room. Again attack of the gold spray paint! 


Room Edit

Other Items in the room are as follows (not affiliated just like being able to share where things come from) 

I hope you have enjoyed this read, thanks for sticking around, its greatly appreciated. Please feel free to leave a comment or question below about any of the items featured.

Em x