Room Design Inspiration for a Master Bedroom

Room two to get done in our Victorian Terrace, the master bedroom. Situated at the front of the house, this is the largest bedroom with a beautiful big bay window. The sun normally hits the room from about half 2 onwards (at this time of year) and shines in through to early evening. It’s big, bright and spacious so in theory should be fairly easy to design?

The room needs completely stripped of the mint green textured wallpaper and all plastered. The ceiling has woodchip wallpaper stuck to it however after having a discussion with the plasterer we have decided against trying to remove it. Due to most of the walls and ceilings being lath and plaster we had a bad feeling that if we tried to touch the roof it would have come down, so instead we are just going to plaster straight over the top. Lazy toads!


If you have seen my IG stories you will see that we have already ripped up the bedroom flooring – bye cat piss stained carpet and hello to some very dirty and questionable original pine floor boards, however we are hoping to get someone in professionally to look at these. Robert has had to lift a few for the rewire – you DO NOT even want to know what they used to insulate old Victorian houses with back in the day! Excess builders rubble anyone? 


Like Orla’s room, we are just going to revamp the built in wardrobes due to the cost of ripping them out and replacing them. Plus we have so much crap that needs to be accommodated. However I’m hoping that with a lick of paint and some handles our 1970s wardrobes come up beautifully? 

So what’s the inspiration for the room? I want to create a really calm balanced bedroom that we can both relax in, which we absolutely will need once this baby arrives in September! I’m going for a mix of tactile materials such as wood, linen, glass and metal. Due to timing I’m hoping to do a little less DIY revamps in this room than Orla’s only because time is ticking on however I do know that I’ll probably have to make curtains again *eye roll* and repaint our bedside tables…again!

Anyway, here’s my mood board for the room;


-         Paint Colours – I have chose Farrow and Ball’s Studio Green for the main wall behind the bed and Lichen for the remaining walls and built in wardrobes. Once again we are putting in a picture rail and therefore anything above it will be in F&B Pointing.

-         Bed linen from Ikea 

-         That Berber Rug from Laredoute

-         Statement bedside lamps from Fifty Five South

-         Black metal hospital bed from Feather and Black

-         Statement chest of drawers

Cant wait to see how this turns out – keep your fingers crossed for us! Please feel free to leave a comment or question below. Thanks for reading!

Em x