Room Design Inspiration for a Toddler


I would like to point out that at this stage we currently have started the bulk of Orla’s room renovation. I say we, I mean Rab and my dad (thanks lads)! However this isn’t about the boring wiring and endless painting, this post is all about the jooouzzzee (inserts shimmy of shoulders). The room will have a full day!

Currently we have moved our whole bedroom into this room to allow us to start and finish the master bedroom. A move I have to say that caused a whole heap of agro for us from our three year old. To be fair this is understandable, as a bribe for getting a new sister, was the promise land of a bigger bedroom for all her toys …this did not disappoint...until we moved into it instead. Cue tantrum.

Orla was three in March so she obviously sleeps in a single bed and likes nothing more than sneaking out of it to try and play with anything that is lying around, so it is so important that with a bigger room we must have as much storage as possible. I want to create a room that’s a bit more grown up than a baby nursery but doesn’t have me boking at the sight of it. Orla has only two requirements for her bedroom; a reading corner and a big wall mirror to “see how beautiful she is every day”. I love her confidence. Bold girl.

Now it’s no surprise that I am not a pink girly girl however when you have kids you have to reside to the fact that they will most likely own a lot of nasty coloured plastic crap and have shitter than shit taste, Peppa Pig is the devil in a red dress. So as a compromise I asked Orla what colours she wanted the walls and she chose blue and pink and it has to have a tiger in it? 

This I possibly could work with. Here’s my mood board for the room;


-      Paint Colours - It has to be Farrow and Ball’s Inchyra Blue for the walls and Sulking Room Pink for the woodwork and built in wardrobes. We are putting in a picture rail and therefore anything above it will be in F&B Pointing.

-      Bed linen from Laredoute

-      Cheetah Rug from HM Home

-      Crochet style lampshade and wall storage from Ikea

-      Gold Rectangular mirror

-      “Go the F**K to Sleep’ Print from Mandy Maria

-      Gold Monkey lamp (that doesn’t cost the earth)

I’m not sure what this style would be classed as? Toddler jungle fusion? Anyway let’s see how it works out shall we! Once again, thanks for sticking around and reading, please feel free to leave a comment or question below.

Em x