Intro to No.28 - Part 2


My last post was all about how we ended up buying our house and the monumental challenge we had ahead of us so I thought it would only be right to show you the true extent of the project. Here’s what the house looked like when we bought it, excuse the pictures, they are mostly from the Estate Agent’s website. However even with that in mind we still bit the bullet and went to view the house.

We bought the house as seen in these pics (minus the original Ercol dining set, however that’s another story for another day). The whole buying a house process was a complete sh*t show and to be honest it was so stressful I never want to move or buy a property again. After having our mortgage approved and solicitor signing over the house ON THAT MORNING we were due to move. We picked up the keys and headed to the house. We had seen the property twice before we made an offer (about 8 weeks previously) however I completely forgot how ‘eccentric’ the house truly was.

The previous owner (who sadly died) had left the whole house as is, minus the clothes and food in the kitchen. We did however inherit (buy?) all the furniture and knick knacks. My favourite items had to be the dead plants, Siamese cat ornaments and Jesus paraphernalia. What’s not to love? I can’t complain too much, the entire house was very well loved and looked after. Everything is quite neutral in an 80 year old lady kinda way. It wasn’t till most of the furniture was in; I sat on the stairs with my head in my hands thinking WHAT. HAVE. WE. DONE. The thought of renovating this property with a toddler is not something I would jump at however this place really does have potential. Except for the kitchen and bathroom the rooms are all huge with big windows and original features like cornicing and sexy big skirting boards - they just don’t make them like they used to!

The Living Room

Apart from the carpet and the mahogany coloured fireplace the living room is pretty plain. The whole house needs to be rewired as the electrician other half says that the whole house is a fire hazard (apparently) and therefore the living room won’t get renovated until all of the upstairs is finished. But for now, it’s liveable. Just!

The Dining Room and Kitchen

The worst feature that this house has, is the POLYSTYRENE ceiling tiles that adorn the dining room! BOKE! We have a feeling that the original ceiling may be hiding underneath however we will have to wait to uncover that number. There’s plans to possibly knock down a wall and combine the two rooms into one but we will see.

The Master Bedroom

Two words. Ceiling fan. And yes it was in full working order. Robert put it on and sprayed about 10 years worth of dust all round the room like a crap magic trick. Textured mint green wallpaper shall be going along with that fan. As I have said on my Instagram stories we are going to keep the built in wardrobes and just tart them up a bit. Surely a lick of paint and some new handles will totally transform these 1970’s bad boys?

Orla’s Room

The second biggest bedroom and has the best walls in the place. We reckon they had been previously plastered and there’s not a shred of wallpaper in sight. Four less walls to strip, ideal. As we are due a baby in September this room is first to get an overhaul for Orla so we can use the smaller room for the new addition.  

Bedroom 3

This room is the smallest bedroom however it still fits everything in we will need for the baby and once she’s old enough she will be getting shipped off into Orla’s room and this will become an office slash hiding hole

The Hallway

Like the living room the hallway is inoffensive. If you’re into old textured woodchip wallpaper then this is the place for you. The entrance vestibule is floor to ceiling dark mahogany laminated sheeting. Again, divine. 

The Bathroom

Sage green and white tiles, floor to ceiling anyone? Nope didn’t think so. Nothing will be getting kept in the bathroom. Even the way the door opens is awkward! 

The Garden

MONOBLOCK PRISON anyone? We have already got plans drawn up for the garden. Orla loves being outside so along with the bedrooms this will be one of the first things we aim to tackle. Also I’m not sure if the previous owner’s car was actually Brum from the TV programme as we parked ours in the car port and the only way you can exit is by rolling down a window and climbing out. Needless to say this whole place is getting ripped out, brick by brick. 

So as you can see there’s A LOT of work ahead of us. We have already ripped up the floor in Orla’s room and repainted it, one room down, rest of house to go! Thanks for reading, please feel free to leave a comment or question below.

Em x