Garden Design Inspiration

Do you know what room in the house you need a small fortune to renovate? The garden and it’s not even IN the house! No seriously if I ever win the lottery I am opening up a building merchants or garden centre. I’m thinking I may even have to sell a kidney or a child in order to get it finished! I’ve never really been into gardening or outside maintenance so needless to say this won’t be a long post.  I did however grow up in the countryside and have always loved being outdoors. One of my absolute favourite things is to drink a morning coffee outside in the sun in my PJS… how glorious! 

It may not seem like a priority over the rest of the house, however when you take into consideration the amount of work all the other rooms need the garden seems a bit like an easy win? I certainly don’t think it will be easy to do but in terms of organizing tradesmen around each other I’m anticipating this is a quicker update than anywhere else. Plus I can’t wait till I can chuck Orla out in it and know she can’t go wandering off anywhere! She is also constantly asking to go outside so I am hoping this keeps her quiet for now. 

Currently the garden resembles a grey overgrown monoblock prison. There was a rusty old car port (which didn’t fit our car) so we had taken that down as a very quick fix. We inherited the shed from the previous owner along with a 1980s statue of a goose with her two children! They are literally thee worst thing in the garden. 


When we bought the house we knew the garden was never going to be massive. We are extremely limited in terms of space, overall the garden measures about 6 x 9.4m roughly so it’s compact and cosy shall we say. The back of the house looks onto a private lane and a BT exchange building (sexy?) however because we live next to the train station – we need to give some space for the car and bins.  Due to the very limited storage we have for garden tools, lawnmower etc we have decided to go for fake turf in the garden, as we need to house a certain person’s trampoline.  

So what’s the inspiration for the garden? We want something super SUPER low maintenance and really easy to keep relatively tidy. My only other request is that it has a fire pit. It doesn’t need to be a big one, just something I can toast marshmallows on. Win win really. 

Anyway, here’s my mood board for the garden;


-      Black fencing – we are still unsure if this may be too dark with the full fence going right round the garden, but my fingers are crossed!

-      Wooden sleepers surrounded by white stones

-      Small wooden decked area

-      Festoon lighting

-      Rattan bistro table and chairs – still looking for the perfect one so if anyone has any suggestions, hit me up please?

-      Some greenery and potted plants

Rab and Dad have already started digging out the mono blocks and 27 tonne of dirt and rubble so it shouldn’t take that long right? Hopefully I’ll be back with an update soon! Thanks for reading!

Em x

P.S The geese still haven’t made it to the skip yet! Should I be concerned?