Room Design Inspiration for a Nursery


Super small and quick post today. Do you know what takes longer than waiting on having a baby? Getting the nursery finished for said baby. Room three to get done in our Victorian Terrace, the nursery. Situated at the front of the house, this is the smallest room in the house - maybe after the bathroom and cupboard under the stairs, neither of which we can use for a nursery. 

Like most of the rooms in the house the nursery bedroom needs completely stripped of the cream textured wallpaper and all replastered again. You can see a reoccurring theme in the house can’t you? Strip and replaster every surface and you’re good to go. Also did I mention that the floor needs restored aswell.

Whether it is luck or being smart we kept almost everything we had for Orla including her nursery furniture so hopefully this will keep costs down as much as possible as we are having another girl. We originally bought our Mamas and Papas nursery furniture second hand on eBay from a local seller, I’m sure it was £100 for the cot bed, chest of drawers, bookcase and wall hook. We did however buy a new mattress from Mamas and Papas as advised. Nursery furniture can cost a fortune so I highly recommend shopping around and buying second hand where possible. If second hand isn’t your bag then Ikea do a lovely cheaper alternative.


I always like to mix my style up a bit when it comes to renovating a room, not only to support different types of business but also because of our budget. I like to combine both high-street stores and spend a bit more money on independent brands. At the moment I am absolutely OBSESSED with wall prints, who isn’t right? I’ve got my eye on heaps of different brands that I have stumbled across on Instagram but I’m always keen to find more so if you know of any please leave me a comment.


I’ll be honest; I’ve always felt nurseries can be really awkward to design and style. I suppose they should be calming and classic but also not be too babyish that you need to take out another mortgage a year later to upgrade. As I have said I don’t do girlie pink at all but I do want to try and incorporate a small bit of it in the room, gotta give in to the cliché somewhere…

Here’s my mood board for the room;


-          Paint Colours – still to be decided however I love the combination of dusky pink and rust at the moment. 

-          Wall storage of some sort, I’m sure I have an Ikea shelving unit up the loft from Orla’s old room that I might need to up cycle

-          Cosy round rug – this one is from Laredoute

-          Sassy umbrella print from Kid of the village

-          Curtains or bedding made from this beautiful fabric by Annie Montgomery available from Spoonflower

-          Colourful wire wall hanging by Hey Kiddo

So that’s it, the race is on. Between the nursery being ready and my due date! Place your bets!

Em x