Intro to No.28 - Part 1


23. That is the total number of houses we viewed before we settled on this one. Have you ever watched Location Location location and wondered why all the couples were useless in finding houses? I would sit in my (rented) flat and smugly comment with things such as “how hard is it to find a house?” and “Twenty houses? Bloody madness!” It wasn’t until we started looking did I realise how god damn hard and exhausting it is to find somewhere.

Don’t get me wrong buying a house is a huge purchase! Probably one of the biggest purchases you will ever make in your life so it has to be right, right? 

I thought house hunting would be all glamorous and exciting. I’m a bit of a house porn addict. I love nothing more than spending hours on Pinterest and heading onto rightmove and putting my max budget up to a cool 6 million and seeing what you can get for your buck these days (note to self you have less than £200 in you bank account). 

I imagined searching for our perfect home would basically be me and Robert swanning around peoples houses poking about in their cupboards and picturing what potential each and every house we went to see would have.  We seen everything from two bed semi detached 1950s to three bed bungalows built in the 1900s to a terraced house that was so badly in need of a renovation I am 99% sure that I would have lost a toddler down a missing floorboard cavity. All in all we saw some right dumps. Also some really nice houses that we put bids on. 4 different houses and lucky we didn’t get any of them. Looking back none of them were right for us, and I know that at least three years later we would be repeating the house buying process all over again. 

So we blew our budget, went to the top max max max we knew we could afford and bought a wonky old fashioned Victorian Terrace house in the east of Glasgow, complete with a dead plants, polystyrene ceiling tiles and cat ornaments galore. And I have to say I couldn’t be happier. 

Our house needed (needs?) completely renovated from top to bottom including central heating upstairs and a full rewire. Every floor needs replaced and every wall needs the woodchip ripped off. The bathroom is fully tiled in mint and the garden looks like an overgrown concrete prison. 

We have a long big challenge ahead of us to try and get this house into our dream home however we are determined (and deluded) to do it! Head over to my I.G account to check out my highlights in stories to see the renovation progress.

Thanks for reading, please feel free to leave a comment about your own house search, I would love to hear your stories!

Em x