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Form + Balance Meets Studio Emma

Emma Noble

If you have been following the FORM + BALANCE Instagram you will know that I am a huge advocate for Studio Emma – an artist that creates concrete objects which celebrate colour and texture for a contemporary home.

Her etsy store is full of delicious colourful objects, each piece is made by hand from start to finish in Emma's Studio in Edinburgh. Due to her unique process, every piece is different from the next. So if you see something you like the look of, I highly advise you buy it, because once it’s gone, it’s gone. Objects don't wait around.

We caught up with colour enthusiast Emma McDowall to talk about her contemporary colourful brand "Studio Emma”.

F+B: Tell us about your brand, what do you do?

SE: I create colourful, contemporary concrete home wares. A collection of different products – vessels, art objects, clocks, lamps and most recently small tables. 

F+B: How did you brand begin? What was the very first product you created?

SE: After graduating from Gray’s and returning to my small hometown, I was frustrated by the lack of equipment and resources to hand. However, my curiosity and drive to create led me to source unusual and found materials. I started to experiment with forms and recipes in the modesty of my parent’s garden shed. That is where the first concrete pieces were born!

F+B: What is a typical studio day for you? How do you find the perfect work|life balance?

SE: Every day is completely different! I am always working on different orders, commissions and projects. I always want to be in the studio creating things as that is where I am most comfortable and happy. I like to spend time with my colour chips, selecting my palettes of the day. I also like to spend a lot of time on my Instagram photos. Some days I have to make myself catch up on the admin side of things – e-mailing, re-stocking my shop etc.

I actually find it very hard to switch off from my work, I think I am constantly looking at things for inspiration and thinking about what I want to do next. I do try to make sure I take at least one whole day off from the studio/work a week as you do really benefit from it but that rarely happens!

F+B: What is the inspiration behind your work/products?

SE: I have always been obsessed with colour and texture especially within architecture. A lot of my photography is based on this subject.

After creating the first pieces I sort of realised they were a 3-D representation of these photographs.

Colour is the main focus of the work so just anything I see where I just love the colour combinations is great inspiration.

F+B: What is your favourite materials to work with and why?

SE: Concrete! I think I love to use it now more than ever because I have learnt so much about it over time through my experimentation. I also like that I use it in an unconventional way so I have given it a new context.

The process I use is completely free and allows the concrete to naturally create the surface pattern and textural quality. The results are spontaneous and unpredictable and I love that about it.

I have also started to incorporate some metals and wood, I like the idea fusing different materials together.

F+B: If you didn’t do this, what else would you do?

SE: My alternative dream job would be trend forecasting colour palettes for WGSN or picking the names for the colour chips in B&Q!!

It would have to be another creative role I can’t imagine life not being creative everyday.

My key piece is a difficult choice for Studio Emma. I am really big on lighting just now so her lamps would normally be a go to for me HOWEVER have you seen her recent collaboration?

A little, contemporary table made from luxurious European oak & concrete.  This table is one in a collection of four tables created through the collaboration of Emma Mcdowall x Jonny Pang. The concrete top is hand-moulded by Emma, and the wooden bottoms were hand-crafted by Jonny in their shared studio in Edinburgh. This piece is completely unique and one of a kind. BEAUTIFUL.

If you wish to keep up to date with Studio Emma, head over to her social media, where you will find prime examples of cool contemporary colour.

INSTAGRAM:  || @_studioemma

TWITTER: // || @_studioemma 


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Em x