form + balance

An Introduction.

Emma Noble

FORM + BALANCE is the idea of two aesthetics sitting perfectly alongside each other in co existence. To us, it is the combination of beautiful products that will enhance you life, your home and your space.

FORM + BALANCE is a creative platform, that promotes a carefully curated range of coveted designers from furniture, interior, homeware to fashion accessories, skincare and stationery. With a strong design led aesthetic our products are carefully handpicked to bring a new contemporary and relaxed approach to retail and trade.

We build on a minimal and sleek look that transpires from the material and textures we hand pick. From independent designers and makers to one off limited edition pieces, our aim is to bring a modern approach to promote a new wave of contemporary designers and artists. 

As part of FORM + BALANCE, we are going to showcase designers and makers as part of the “FORM + BALANCE Platform”. As an avid follower of unique and quality brands, I want to find and source new products to furnish and decorate your home. We want to bring something new that is locally made and isn’t readily available to the masses. I am passionate about independent business, quality products and supporting talented artists, designers and creators.

We have an array of events planned for this year so please stay tuned for further details and if you know any brands that I should be covering/buying please get in touch, I would love to hear your thoughts.

Thanks for reading guys, your support is really appreciated!

Em x