Hello, I’m Emma an interior stylist and designer based in Glasgow. 

At the end of 2018, my husband (Robert), daughter (Orla) and I moved into our first proper family home, a wonky old fashioned Victorian Terrace house in the east of Glasgow. After moving around eight times in six years we finally found our dream house (after viewing a mere 23 properties) and with bags of potential and the smell of stale cat, we knew it was going to be a momentous project that would wouldn’t or couldn’t take lightly. 

Our house needs completely renovated from top to bottom including heating upstairs and a full rewire. Every floor needs replaced and every wall needs the woodchip ripped off. The bathroom is fully tiled in mint and the garden looks like an overgrown concrete prison. Did I mention it all needs to be renovated on an itsy bitsy budget? And so I decided to document the fun of it all on this blog.

I started working in an independent lifestyle store as a Saturday girl and instantly fell in love with all things interiors. Since then I’ve always had a quite eclectic style and been inspired by many an interior look. I am a big advocate of small independent brands and designers, while also scouring local second hand stores and the high street for budget friendly furniture and accessories. 

I hope you feel inspired and if not, just stay around for the laughs.



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